Knowledge Bowl

For more than 10 years, Mazapan has participated in Knowledge Bowl tournaments sponsored by the Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras (ABSH) and by the Association of American Schools of Central America (AASCA). "Knowledge Bowl" is a term given to describe academic quiz competitions in which students of various schools compete against each other. Knowledge Bowl is an exciting game in which the knowledge of a wide array of academic topics, combined with the ability to withstand high pressure are put to the test. Knowledge bowl team members can make new friends with peers from other schools and can also learn a lot about character as sportsmanlike conduct and fair play are promoted and encouraged.  


2nd Place 2017 ABSH Varsity Category

Mazapan School sent two Varsity level teams to the 2017 ABSH Knowledge Bowl Tournament which took place in La Ceiba’s Santa Teresa School from February 16th to 18th 2017. Mazapan’s Team A was composed of Knowledge Bowl veterans Raul Monroy (team captain), Kevin Interiano, William Nickols and Guillermo Merren. Team B was composed of one veteran, Jorge Merren (team captain) and three players who were competing in an ABSH Knowledge Bowl tournament for the first time: Hector Henrriquez, Romulo Pinel and Diego Pina.

Both teams knew they would be facing some stiff competition. Team A, in fact, was randomly included in the most highly competitive pool that included top-ranked teams from the American School of Tegucigalpa (AST), Academia Pinares, and International School of Tegucigalpa (IST), all of which had been very successful in past Knowledge Bowl tournaments. Team B was included a pool that included the team from the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana (EIS), ranked among the best in the country.

After competing valiantly against some very experienced teams, Mazapan’s team B was unfortunately eliminated after the preliminary round. Team B’s players demonstrated superior character in each game and the members remained on the Santa Teresa School campus for the remainder of the tournament in order to cheer on their schoolmates in Team A. A special thanks goes to Mr. Matthew Keiser for his contribution as Team B’s coach.

Team A made it all the way to the Varsity level final, the most prestigious and most highly coveted spot in ABSH Knowledge Bowl competitions. Team A became the first team in Mazapan’s Knowledge Bowl history to reach this stage of the competition. Team A came in second place after losing an excellent game to the A team from the Escuela Internacional Sampedrana. A second place finish in the Varsity division means that Mazapan’s Team A is the second best Knowledge Bowl team in the entire country. This is an achievement that these fine young men are proud of.

4th Place- AASCA Knowledge Bowl 2016

On November 16th 2016, Mazapan School sent a team of students to compete in the annual AASCA Knowledge Bowl ​tournament which took place at the American School in Tegucigalpa. Mazapan’s team finished in fourth place in ​the challenging Varsity​ division​. This was the latest in a series of Knowledge Bowl competitions in which a Mazapan Knowledge Bowl team managed to make it to ​fourth place or higher.

2nd Place ABSH Junior Varsity 2015

In 2015, Mazapan's Junior Varsity Knowledge Bowl team earned a first place finish in the ABSH Knowledge Bowl tournament which took place at Del Campo School in Tegucigalpa. Two years before, in the ABSH tournament that took place in Academia Los Pinares in Tegucigalpa, Mazapan’s Junior Varsity team earned a second place finish after an incredibly close game whose winner was only decided in the very last moments.



ABSH    (Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras)

AASCA (Association of American Schools of Central America)

2017  2nd Santa Teresa, La Ceiba TBA
2016 4th Freedom School, San Pedro Sula 4th Escuela Americana, Tegucigalpa
2015 1st Del Campo School, Tegucigalpa N/A
2014 Participation Mazapan School, La Ceiba N/A
2013 2nd Academia los Pinares, Tegucigalpa N/A
2012 Participation Pinares, Tegucigalpa ParticipationE. I. S. San Pedro Sula



About the School

Mazapan School is a Nursery-12 co-educational bilingual school Founded in 1928 and located in La Ceiba, Honduras, offers an U.S.-style college preparatory instruction program. The students attending Mazapan School become fluent in both English and Spanish and receive a U.S. High School diploma and a Honduran Baccalaureate degree.

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